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Celebrating Smart Irrigation Month!

Smart Irrigation Month is a public awareness campaign to promote efficient water use. Focused on July, traditionally the month of peak demand for outdoor water use, the campaign highlights simple practices and innovative technologies to:

•    make maintaining green spaces easy and convenient.
•    minimize overwatering while keeping lawns, gardens and landscapes beautiful and healthy.
•    save money on utility bills.
•    help protect community water supplies for today and the future.

Property owners and managers typically over-water, unintentionally wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. We are proud to represent a company focused on this initiative...EZ-FLO, a leader in smart water-saving practices, is delivering real results through it's products by increasing water efficiency through its injection systems & products.  Did you know? EZ-FLO's Hydro-Maxx product can improve water efficiency up to 30% (see below for more information).

For more information about how EZ-FLO can help your customers, please visit


Smart Irrigation Month is an initiative of the Irrigation Association, a nonprofit industry organization dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation. Visit to learn more.

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